Bianca Cedrone

From a very young age, I have tried to look beyond an image, a story or an object. Through my imagination, I have always believed that there is a reality parallel to the one before our eyes. Once I found it, my mission was to represent it and share it with the rest of the world. So the surreal aesthetic reigns supreme in my work.

The path I followed is wide and multifaceted. Growing up in a family where art and beauty are ingrained, I was always surrounded by mentors who inspired and guided me. Having a father who was an interior and design photographer, an uncle who was a fashion photographer and a grandfather who photographed nature, the camera accompanies me in everything I do and in all my projects and travels. Studying Art Curatorship at Central Saint Martins in London has given me a vast knowledge of the art market, design and media. There I also came into contact with several international personalities who have ignited the eclectic and eccentric flair that is present in my personality and work today.

Two weeks after graduating, I met stylist Simone Guidarelli, who allowed me to explore my passion for fashion. I followed him in many of his projects, producing shoots for Vanity Fair, Glamour etc… It was with him that I started to produce digital collages that were immediately very successful on social networks.

After two years I started working as a freelancer and came out with my first personal service of eight “Magic” collages for Glamour Italia. From there I started to work with various brands: Tiffany, Gallo, Armani, Ad Traveller, Talia Collective, Wait and See etc. With them I have always tried to tell their story through irony and imagination, always trying to give a different and new perspective of their image.

In September 2021, I began managing the art direction of Mr Wynwood magazine. A quarterly print magazine based in Wynwood, Miami that aims to document and report on the influence of art in the development of emerging neighbourhoods in various cities around the world: Miami, Barcelona, Medellin, Berlin, Mexico City etc. This project allows me to embrace all the passions and skills that I have cultivated in my career: photography, fashion, art, graphics.

Finally, this latest project with Grazia will allow me to become part of the world of NFT and the metaverse. This reality fully represents my artistic philosophy and will allow me to explore parallel worlds and universes in an even deeper and more developed way.